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Fleetwood Mask

Fleetwood Mask, A Fleetwood Mac cover band hosted at the Bankhead Theater. Logo done over the course of two days, using Heavy Body Acrylics, 4'5"x 2'. Performance 08/13/2021



LunaFish, a local Bay Area Band. Done over the course of 2 days, 4'x1'5".  Performance 08/21/2021


brilliance at the Bankhead

Year Fundraising Gala hosted at the Bankhead Theater in Livermore, this year's guest performer was Songstress Vanessa Williams. Done over the course of 2 Days using Heavy Body Acrylics, 3'5"x 2'5". Performance 09/11/2021


plain white t's

Plain White T's, Done over the course of 1 day using Heavy Body Acrylic. Performance 08/14/2021


Paula Poundstone

Comedian & NPR Host Paula Poundstone, done over the course of 1 day in Heavy Body Acrylics. 3'x2'5". Performance 08/28/2021 


Andrew Molina

Ukulele Player Andrew Molina. Done over the course of 2 Days, using Heavy Body Acrylics, 3'x2'5". Performance 09/17/2021

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